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Specialist Cables & Connectors

Specialist Cables & Connectors

Mineral Insulated Cables and Connectors
Mineral Insulated (MI) cables are typically used within the reactor core. Standard MI cables are inadequate in maintaining immunity and low losses. Ultra's cables are designed to transmit very small pulse or dc signals through regions of high temperature, radiation and electromagnetic noise found within the core of a nuclear reactor. Specialised cable geometries have been developed to maintain levels of insulation resistance and minimise the surface transfer impedance. These make use of multiple metal and insulating sheaths. Two different types of cable are available; Triaxial and Colaminax, and these offer varied screening properties for different applications.

The Triaxial cables achieve good high frequency screening and are suitable for a wide range of signal applications. Colaminax cable provides effective screening at lower frequencies and is ideal for Campbell flux measuring systems. Colaminax is a good match with 'soft' superscreened cables. Both cables will operate in high neutron flux fields and at temperatures of up to 700 ºC whilst maintaining a high insulation resistance. At their typical operating temperature of 550 ºC, the insulation is better than 3x10-9 amps per metre. The overall cable dimensions can be specified for each application but standard diameters are 4.75 mm for Triaxial cables and 5.38 mm for Colaminax cables.





Superscreened connectors are designed to maintain the superior screening performance of the superscreened cables and resist degradation to aging by virtue of a unique crimped termination are available with a range of standard mating faces. The connectors are available in a range of standard mating faces.




  • Available in HNS, HN, N, PET, BNC and TNC standard mating face
  • Designed to maintain the superior screening performance of the cable
  • Resistance to age degradation by utilizing unique crimped termination
  • All cables and connectors supplied fully tested
  • Available in small or large quantities

Dimensions conform to industry standards. Body and inner body and most metal parts are brass, silver plated and passivated. Insulators are PTFE. Centre contact is soldered to the inner conductor of the superscreened cable. Braid connection is made using a double crimp to a ferrule.