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Nuclear Qualified Sensors

Nuclear Qualified Sensors

Ultra Electronics NSPI has been supplying nuclear qualified temperature sensors, thermowells and transmitters, pressure transmitters and fiber optic modems for more than three decades. NSPI is recognized as a global leader in the technologies we supply, in part because of our intense focus on quality and reliability.

Today, over 80% of all North American reactors rely exclusively on NSPI temperature sensors for critical reactor coolant monitoring. NSPI's nuclear qualified pressure transmitters are used for safety related and BOP measurements at over 20% of US nuclear power plants. NSPI products have been qualified for use in all of the leading reactor technologies, including PWR, BWR, CANDU (PHWR), and APWR.

tempsens   Temperature Sensors
NSPI is the world's largest supplier of nuclear qualified RTDs and thermocouple temperature sensors. Qualifications are to IEEE, RCC-E and NUREG standards.
thermowell   Thermowells
NSPI manufactures a wide variety of nuclear qualified thermowells in virtually any style or material.
temptrans   Temperature Transmitters
NSPI nuclear temperature transmitters are qualified to IEEE-344 and can be used with either RTDs or thermocouples. They are capable of withstanding up to 40 years of background radiation of 10 Kilorads T.I.D.

pressure   Pressure Transmitters
NSPI supplies one of the broadest ranges of pressure transmitters for nuclear qualified applications. Most of the instruments are qualified to IEEE-323/344 and versions are offered for virtually every installation – from inside containment/harsh environment to applications requiring only seismic qualification or commercial grade.