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GDA Support - INSA

GDA Support - INSA

Ultra's experience in the definition, development, testing and verification of high safety integrity systems has created a pool of staff that are highly knowledgeable of the licensing requirements of the UK’s Office of Nuclear Regulation, (ONR). NCS’s lack of an indigenous hardware platform means that this knowledge can be used to offer independent advice and assessments to organisations wishing to deploy their systems into this marketplace.


The current upsurge in opportunities for new nuclear generating capacity in the UK has led to the ONR refining the licensing approach to begin with a Generic Design Assessment, (GDA). This considers the overall reactor design’s compliance with standards and other requirements in advance in advance of any site specific proposals This staged approach reduces the overall licensing lifecycle. Successful completion of the GDA is a vital pre-requisite to gaining an operating licence for the UK.


Ultra’s familiarity with the UK process and its knowledgeable staff have allowed us to support organisations in taking their systems through critical nuclear safety assessments. This provides confidence in the quality of the system approach as well as demonstrating independence in the overall evaluation.