The British nuclear industry plays a vital role in ensuring a balanced, environmentally responsible future for the UK and the world. The UK has been at the forefront of developments in nuclear power for over 50 years and has an unrivalled experience and safety record that is among the best in the world. Nuclear power provides about 20% of the UK’s electricity and, as a carbon-free source of generation, it is an important contributor to the UK’s obligations towards renewable energy.

Nuclear power also provides the means of propulsion for the Royal Navy’s fleet of submarines, allowing them to remain submerged for long periods, which would not be possible with other propulsion systems. These contribute to the defence of the nation, and to maintenance of peace and political stability around the world.

Almost every technical role that you can think of is present in the nuclear sector.

As the industry is based on very advanced technology the demand for skilled physicists, engineers and scientists at all levels is significant. Responsibilities generally grow with seniority, and engineers can end up in charge of large projects and businesses employing several thousand people and managing budgets of several hundred million pounds.

Like all organisations, graduate and apprentice recruitment is a key priority and we place great emphasis on the recruitment of early career engineers and growing graduate and apprentice intake, attracting top school and university talent with fast track opportunities for male and female students equally. Participation in the development and assessment of the Government Nuclear Trailblazer Nuclear Graduate Apprenticeship confirms our commitment to encouraging young people to take STEM subjects and consider a career in the nuclear industry. Our record demonstrates this commitment having increased our under 25 age profile by 15% and female intake by 12% in recent years.

The engineering and scientific challenges in the nuclear industry are phenomenal and often require significant innovation to develop an appropriate solution. The terms ‘ordinary’ or ‘run of the mill’ just never seem to apply and skills and IP are the life blood of our business. The inspiration and team work involved are extremely rewarding demonstrated by an employee engagement score consistently exceeding 80%. We are proud to offer joiners an environment where recruiting and developing Suitably Qualified and Experienced People remains our number one priority. Our ethos is for life time training and by targeting mid life SQEP talent and creating knowledge transfer opportunities, we demonstrate and recognise the value of balancing the need for anomalous and obscure requirements with creating clear career paths for new and emerging talent.

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