Radiation Monitoring
Area Monitors

Area Monitors

Modular Counting - Euronim 8000 series

Euronim 8000 Series

The EuroNIM™ Modular 8000 offers a versatile, 19” rack mounted (or desktop) profile accommodating standard LIS Euro card modules for a variety of radiometric counting, monitoring and control applications. The system provides an ideal upgrade for 6000 series users.

Liquid Effluent Monitors - Inline, Online & Bypass

Liquid Effluent Monitors - Inline, Online & Bypass

Ultra supply a range of Liquid Effluent Monitoring Systems for continuous gamma radiation measurement in a liquid process line. Options include Inline (where the detector element becomes part of the line), Online (where the detector element is places adjacent to the line) and Bypass (where a pump is used to extract a sample from the line and routed to a detector and measurement chamber).

Noble Gas Monitor - CMS Noble Gas

Noble Gas Monitor

The LIS Noble Gas Monitor is an integrated solution for the measurement of the airborne concentration of radioactive (beta emitting) noble gases.

The system is suitable for process, stack and health physics applications. The complete system comprises detector, shielding, pump, flow sensor and CMS processor.

Area Gamma Monitor - CMS Gamma

Area Gamma Monitor

The CMS Gamma is an advance continuous monitoring station for the measurement of gamma radiation (dose-rate) in the environment or workplace. The system provides essential, reliable information to personnel when radiation levels are above normal. The versatile unit can provide interlock control in hot areas such as fuel stores, caves, glove boxes and hot cells as required.