About Us

Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems (NCS) is an established leader in the design, manufacture, supply, support, lifetime extension and decommissioning of I&C systems for the worldwide nuclear industry. With monitoring and control installations across the globe, our systems have been protecting personnel, the environment and major country infrastructure for more than 60 years - through our knowledge-rich heritage businesses, we have been involved in UK Nuclear research and development since the early 1950's. Nuclear professionalism is important to us and runs through everything we do. Our team are committed to delivering safe, reliable, high quality systems which last generations.

We have a highly-skilled team of over 450 employees located at offices across the UK and USA offering unrivalled experience and expertise in all elements of reactor instrumentation, monitoring and control.

We are strategic partners to EDF Energy in the UK and play an important part of the Nuclear supply chain in civil nuclear, defence, industrial and medical sectors globally.