Our Values

Safety before all else

Safety is our first priority in everything we do. We believe that where safety leads, quality and performance will follow. Our products are fundamental to Nuclear safety, so safety is embedded in everything we do.

We care

We put the needs of our customers before our own. But more than that, we always go the extra mile to deliver on our promises, providing a professional and enjoyable experience.

We listen

We always behave in an open, positive and honest way. We listen to and respect others, give constructive feedback, and learn from their experiences as well as our own.

We’re determined

We keep going and don't give up easily, even when things are hard. We are passionate about delivery, always learning and striving to find innovative solutions to problems.

We take responsibility

We take pride in our work. If we spot a problem or something that could be improved, we don't leave it to someone else to do. We take ownership and see things through.

We are a team

No-one does it all on their own, we work together as a team with our customers and partners. We challenge and support each other, and we recognise and celebrate success together.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

It is the policy of Ultra that all employees will comply with all laws governing its operations and will conduct business affairs in an ethical manner. The company and its employees will maintain high standards of personal conduct and integrity at all times in carrying out the company's affairs.

Ultra and its divisions and operating businesses require that all employees conduct themselves in ways that demonstrate high ethical standards in all of their dealings with customers, suppliers, governments, the public and each other. The integrity of Ultra's businesses rests on the integrity of its employees.

For further information on Ultra’s corporate ethics policy, click here